Thursday, July 9, 2015


Summer is here and the Full Spectrums are, one might say, less productive than they might be. It's been all kids (and lots of fun, truly) all the time since school got out and there hasn't been a whole lot of writing time, but I did manage to pick up a "People" magazine today. All in the interest of research, of course. 

Now I love a trashy magazine as much as the next person, maybe more, so I was stunned in my relaxing reverie to read this headline: "Heros Among Us: Crusading Against Autism." Against my better judgement - I Was trying to relax! - I read this piece on, guess who, Autism Speaks. Apparently, what Autism Speaks does is "restore the spirit and hope that autism tried to take away." 

With all due respect to a wide range of families and situations, I very much beg to personally differ with that assessment !

I managed to quell the kiddos long enough to write this letter because I wanted to, you know, Speak:

Re: "Crusading Against Autism"
To the Editor:
Are you aware that many autistic people are able to read? In fact, many are avid readers.
As a mother on the spectrum with an autistic son, I was deeply saddened to see this headline. I will NOT be keeping this issue in the house, in case my dear boy, who is perfect just as he is, happens to fall upon this article. I would never, ever want him to feel that he himself is seen by some as something to be fought against, or someone who takes hope away. 
Dr. [FSM]

Full Spectrum Mama


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