Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Are you having an idyllic Thanksgiving? Food perfect? Healthy, too? Moderate?

Everybody you’d ideally want to see alive, and present, and getting along?

Yes? Then you might want to read no further. Your seasonal gratitude is clearly appropriate.

However, for some of us humans, this is the time of year when we may be particularly inclined to draw our attention to THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT, where the inappropriate, the maudlin, the whiney, the greedy, the brutally honest, and the heart wrenching are all welcome to be COMPLAINED, once a year, in our famous COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT post, coming up in January.

Accordingly, I, Partial (incomplete) Monochrome Persona (PiMP), am once again soliciting COMPLAINTS on behalf of Full Spectrum Mama for THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT.

Have you any COMPLAINTS? We at THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT welcome ALL acceptable COMPLAINTS -- from first-world to “special” stuff about “special needs” to devastating -- with the understanding that the COMPLAINING, and thereby sharing, of COMPLAINTS may lead to a certain degree of liberation and/or solidarity.

More specifics and sorts of COMPLAINTS can be found here, here, and here.

Full Spectrum Mama herself has generously offered the following acceptable COMPLAINT, which gently skirts the border between first-world and genuine: "Because I've spent any free moments during the last few months working on my book proposal, I haven't been posting as much as I'd like and I feel lame."

Please send your COMPLAINTS to:

Partial/incomplete Monochrome Persona
Guest writer/Troubleshooter @ Full Spectrum Mama

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Please don’t say you’re sorry when I tell you my son is autistic.

It’s like telling me you are sorry that my child is Black, or female, or was adopted: just plain wrong. Sure there are things about being a woman or person of color or autistic or having been adopted that stink, but none of them are intrinsic to the person living those qualities. They’re judgments and discriminations that are inflicted externally, not – at least not originally or inevitably - embodied.

My children are veritable rainbows of their own unique glory, neither defined nor necessarily limited by any one particular trait.

Just like everybody else.

Figure I – Veritable Rainbows of their own Unique Glory (with Partial Labeling for Instructional Purposes Only)

That is all.

Thanks and love,
Full Spectrum Mama

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