Monday, December 2, 2013


Beloved Readers,

I am very pleased to announce that Full Spectrum Mama has been awarded a residency at the Vermont Studio Center (

Admittedly, it is true that FSM applied for this honor without expecting to receive said honor and is not entirely sure how to manage that whole children thing in order to enjoy it.

However, that is a matter for another day. Today, we celebrate!


As well, I would like to celebrate the fact that FSM is now averaging over 1,000 views a month. With literally no publicity or advertising of any sort, the ability to reach that many readers is a great privilege for which I am incredibly grateful. Thanks, everybody – and I hope FSM has brought you a smile or a connection or something worthwhile in exchange for your time!


Finally, FSM is still accepting COMPLAINTS for The Complaint Department post, upcoming in late January. Please send me your COMPLAINTS of any stripe – funny, sad, mad, bad…

Please email COMPLAINTS to



Full Spectrum Mama


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