Friday, June 6, 2014


I met with the head of Special Education at our Middle and High Schools yesterday, and -- after she invited me to join the local ASD task force (whee!) -- she agreed to pass this email along to families through the necessary channels. We realize that so many families are overwhelmed, but I am hoping to get some response. We are all about TEAM FRIENDLY FACE!

Here is the email:

Dear Families,

It occurred to me at the orientation meeting for families with students entering [our Middle School] with support from the Special Education team that it might be helpful and beneficial for our 7th graders to have some additional "Friendly/Familiar Faces" to encounter in the halls and classrooms next year. 

Would anyone be interested in maybe meeting up for a picnic, one on one, or as a group? At the pool? Or just getting together in whatever way suits your family? 

The transition to Middle School can be hard on most children. But our children face additional challenges. This might be a way to give them just a little more in the way of positive connections as they enter 7th grade. My son is the type of kid who others think is "different" and sometimes has a hard time fitting in. But he is a WONDERFUL, friendly person and would befriend anyone who needed a friend regardless of "difference." 

I would be happy to be the contact person/organizer on anything that seems promising in this area, over the summer and into the school year.

Thanks so much for your time,

[Full Spectrum Mama (G's mother)]

Stay tuned for the Sensory Blog Hop next week - lots of famous, fabulous sensory bloggers blogging sensorially!

Full Spectrum Mama


  1. Thanks it is a great things our human life individualized education plan We provide special help for parents and child for special needs. To evaluate your child`s special needs you can take our help. Come with us for better education.

  2. Awesome!

    I've got to ask, though, regarding the "whee!" Sarcasm or no?

    I've been invited, and have participated, in boards before. Powerless and superficial boards, as it turned out. So, perhaps I'm jaded.

    1. Dear Stephanie-
      Exactly. We shall see.
      I have a very specific agenda, one that includes above all civil rights for the neurodiverse. The group doesn't meet again until September so I will begin to find out then...


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