Thursday, December 20, 2018


Last year’s Winter Prayer pretty much said it all. But prayer is a limitless activity, right? 

So here are some add-ons. 

Dear Universe,

We have seen another bumpy year go by, with some wonderful victories and some devastating losses. We realize that different people may have different perspectives on which is which, but we worry: Why are our perspectives SO divergent? Can there be no middle ground?

Dear Universe, I pray we find places to connect — about our universal love for our children and families, our universal wishes for peace, our universal need for a healthy planet — before it’s too late. 

We are ALL getting older. May those of us who are grappling with health issues along with the usual travails of aging find strategies and ways of thinking that help us heal what we can and soothe and/or accept what we cannot. 

May we value what is gained — wisdom, ease, trust, confidence — over what is lost.

And may those of us who are just launching into the world — especially those faced with extraordinary challenges — find strategies and ways of thinking that support our personal success, our contributions to the world, our relationships, our communities. 

With much love and many thanks,

Full Spectrum Mama

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