Monday, December 21, 2020


Dear Persons, Dear Universe,

Please take 2020 away.

No, really.

Yeah, we who are reading/writing/praying/complaining are glad to still be alive, yep. Thank you for that. THANK YOU! 

Sooooooo glad...Butno. 

True, we've gained "resilience" and "cozy time at home," but we have also gained "weight," and "climbing the walls," and "possibly not doing so well with remote learning/work."

We feel heartbroken, battered, exhausted, paralyzed. Many of us, perhaps especially those who live with extraordinary challenges (whether medically fragile, living in poverty, disabled, Black in the United States, and/or...), have been stretched almost beyond our capacities this year; some haven't made it. 

And so we ask with all our hearts, with much love and many thanks, simply for a New New Year.

Full Spectrum Mama

P.S. Please consider, beloved Universe, all prior Winter Prayers (2018 and 2017) to be still in pray. 

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