Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Incident of the Overactive Extrapolator – Catastrophizer

Many moons ago I speculated that we each possess a certain level of reactivity, and that this reactivity is often exacerbated by parenting. I further postulated that there is a hitherto undiscovered gland that modulates this function, and, being its discovererer, named it the Extrapolator–Catastrophizer Gland, or ECG for short.  (For further information, please see http://fullspectrummama.blogspot.com/2012/04/would-you-ratherii.html .)

Well, I recently discovered that mine is pathologically enlarged. How refreshing! This gives me hope that it may, in the fullness of time, subside!

The incident went as follows: G reported that the daily question in morning meeting was, “What do you not understand about other people – and what do other people not understand about you?”

I asked what his answers had been.

To the first question, my Mr. Literal had responded, “I don’t understand why people say obvious things.”


And for the second?

“People don’t understand why I like to make weird noises.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “That’s probably true. I don’t mind them except when you get loud sometimes. But yeah, kids might not understand some of the sounds you make or why you make ‘em. No big deal.”

“Also,” he went on, “people don’t understand why I…why…I…”

A lifetime passed during which my heart broke, my nervous system went into fight-or-flight mode and I mentally outlined a long, putative blog post about this interaction.

“People just don’t understand why I…like stink bugs.”

                                                    Figure I – My ECG at time of Incident

                                                            Figure II – Appropriate ECG

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