Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It's that time of year when some of us lucky chums begin to feel more complainous.

What's that you say? Any time of year is a good time to feel complainous? Why, that's why Partial/incomplete Monochrome Persona (PiMP) and Full Spectrum Mama (FSM) have teamed up to create that handy dandy button over there on the right so that any time can be a complaint time.  

However, the “holiday season” can be quite grim. Knowing that your COMPLAINTS will be complained in a timely fashion for our annual COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT anniversary guest post -- with all the flair of PiMP! -- might be Just The Thing to ease your holiday woes.

This year, we at TCD continue to accept Junior Complaints, Short Complaints and Long Complaints, all to be suitably complained. Acceptable COMPLAINTS may be funny, whiny and/or dire. Please send all COMPLAINTS to jineffable@gmail.com.  

All this is not to say, as per usual, that TCD is open.  Yet somewhere…far, far away…lies the always-accepting, ever-enduring, firmly-shut COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT. You may be assured of that, alrighty.

Partial/incomplete Monochrome Persona
Guest writer/Troubleshooter @ Full Spectrum Mama

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  1. I have a complaint. LOL! I love the complaint-department plaque--maybe you've seen it on Facebook.. .It has a mouse trap and the button you press to register the complaint releases the trap!


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