Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I know an Argher and an Activist when I see one, and, once in awhile, I am going to need to give a shout out to someone who really Arghed and Activised the heck out of something.

The first Full Spectrum Argher and Activist Award goes to a 14-year-old kid who happens to be on the spectrum and happens also to be a badass knight in not-gonna-take-it-anymore armor in Bay Village, Ohio who bravely came forward and called out the people who played a (warning: graphic and disturbing) TERRIBLE ALS Bucket Challenge prank on him.

Some people just can't get right....but some CAN! Bravo,  courageous one.

Please show your support at this Give Forward site.

Full Spectrum Mama


  1. We need more Arghers and Activists in this world...and for this young man to do it at his age is downright heroic! I just wrote about the need for us to stand together and fight against this bullying and intolerance that is so much a part of our society, so that our children can experience a better world. In fact, while I was writing, I was thinking about your kiddo in middle school and wondering how it was going for him. It's going to take a lot more young men like this to stand up and say, "Enough!", but it needs to happen.

    You can find my story here:

    1. Thank you so very much, @Jessica. By the way, if you would like to write about this I could forward you the email I got requesting that i share this story. My email is
      Going to go read yours,

    2. * I see you wrote about this - I think if your piece was not linked up with this project it should be. Drop me a line if you'd like...


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