Thursday, September 25, 2014


It’s that special time of the year again when Partial (incomplete) Monochrome Persona (PiMP) begins to solicit COMPLAINTS on behalf of Full Spectrum Mama for THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT. Last year, we published COMPLAINTS of a very wide-ranging and accepting sort, in hopes that, by being COMPLAINED, said COMPLAINTS were rendered slightly less itchy, lonely, peculiar, injustice-esque, throbbing, tender,  and/or badbadbad.

New for 2014: a handy dandy COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT button, at right, where COMPLAINTS may be submitted year-round!

You will know it by its custom-designed "depressing rainbow" illustration, courtesy of Full Spectrum Daughter, Z:

COMPLAINTS received by early January will be eligible for the 2015 COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT post. As always, this commiserative, inclusive solicitation is not meant to imply that THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT is “open.”

Yours Truly,

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